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Welcome, fellow Seeker!

Thank you so much for popping in! Feel free to check out more About Me, What Others Say and the Articles. 


Within these articles you will find ways to nurture your wellness [mind, body and soul]. From suggestions on how to improve your mental well-being, making little changes that make BIG differences in our life, words of wisdom, making your dreams a reality, to anything else that helps us be our best self - I know this can be a place of inspiration and love just for you!

What is a Seeker?

Being an authentic Seeker means to seek and acquire the mastery of accessing your wisdom, guidance and fullest potential from your internal source. You. Within. Your Highest Power. 

It's the practise of returning back to the knowing that you possess all of the power, confidence, strength and inspiration to live your best life. 

Being a seeker means also being a "seer". Being willing to see what we need to in order to truly grow and transform. Because what you can see, you can shift.

“Our responsibility as Conscious Beings,
sincere seekers and planetary transformers
is to rebirth ourselves over and over again.”

A Word from Morgan

There’s nothing quite like being able to guide you get back to shining your brightest, back to remembering how perfect you are and helping you live the life of your dreams.


From the time I was a teenager and into my twenties, I had ongoing battles with auto-immune illnesses, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, compulsive exercising and several other self-sabotaging behaviours. Through countless courses and truth seeking journeys, I am now thriving, living my best life and am thrilled to be working with others to end their struggles and step into the life they deserve!


I am a mom, partner, life coach, mindfulness coach, EFT practitioner, workshop leader, guided meditation facilitator, public speaker, yoga instructor and teacher of middle year students.


Sometimes we need a helping hand to make change, transition and transformation happen – and that's what I'm here for! Whatever it is that you're going through, whether it's limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, overthinking, low self-worth, trauma, physical/mental illness, difficulties stepping into your purpose, scared to take a leap, struggling relationships, feeling stuck, etc. – I can help you to find inner peace, self-love, and exponential growth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Whether you’re going through something down-right tough or are just looking for a little more clarity, personal growth and/or confidence, I’m your girl

I coach adults, teens and kids and I know you’ll just love this time to reconnect with who you really truly are! 

You deserve to be happy, content and healthy, so let’s get crackin’ on that! 


Shine bright, Seekers!

Morgan xo

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