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Healing + Empowerment Mentor

Together we can heal limiting beliefs, untangle anxiety, process trauma, develop emotional relief + regulation, climb out of depression, get your mind working "for" you, ditch burnout + overwhelm, build confidence, take revolutionary self-responsibility, step into your truth, experience authentic healing, create clear paths to your desires and so much more!

I'm here for you! There's nothing quite like guiding you back to who you really are. Back to remembering your truth, your worth, who you are beneath all that is blocking you and claiming the life you desire.

I'm here to help you find support, guidance, profound self-healing and radical transformation.

I'm So Glad You're Here!

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You deserve to be happy, content and healthy. It's ironic to say this now because I can tell you, this was not always my experience. From the time I was a teenager and into my twenties, I had ongoing battles with auto-immune illnesses, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, compulsive exercising and several other self-sabotaging behaviours. Through countless courses and truth seeking journeys, I have grown in ways that I didn't even didn't even know were possible.


All of my "mess" is now in my message. My past has led me to my purpose and devotion to working with you to end your struggles and step into the life you deserve.


Sometimes we need a helping hand to allow healing and transformation happen - that's what I'm here for! Whatever it is you're going through, whether it's negative self-talk, low self-worth, limiting beliefs, overthinking, trauma, physical or mental illness, difficulties stepping into your purpose, scared to take a leap, struggling relationships, or feeling stuck - I can help you to find inner peace, self-love, and exponential growth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Whether you’re going through something down-right tough or are just looking for a little more clarity, personal growth or confidence, I'd love to be a part of your journey.

I support adults, teens and kids through 1:1 and group sessions. Trust me, you’ll love this time to reconnect with yourself and the intentions you have for your life.

"Over the years I’ve seen several different mental health practitioners, all were somewhat helpful but none quite like Morgan. 

The best way I can find to describe a one on one session with Morgan is she offers a safe space to share your story, guides you with her expertise and training and somehow is able to pull just a little bit of your soul out in the process. I have never felt more comfortable with a practitioner.  She combines so many different modalities in her sessions and provides you with the tools to “do the healing work” in between sessions. 

I owe Morgan the world. She has helped me overcome not only immediate triggers and anxiety but also helped me unlearn so many negative patterns.  Healing is an ongoing process but I honestly can say I’m so proud of the woman I’ve become with Morgan’s guidance.  I cannot recommend her enough!"



My promise is to help you create a life built on your own terms. I'll stand with you so you can find the courage and freedom to articulate your needs, set clear boundaries, do the inner work, find healing, shed limiting beliefs and take actionable steps towards feeling confidence and ease in your life. 

And, even if you can't imagine a life beyond the one before you, I promise to believe in a possibility far bigger than you can initially see. We'll focus on your "right next moves" + stepping stones to get you in the direction of experiencing your desires mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, professionally, spiritually, etc.

In working with me you can:

  • Discover a safe place for you to explore and try new things

  • Share your thoughts + emotions without judgement or shame

  • Feel assured that I will never impose my own agenda or outcome for your life

  • Be held compassionately accountable to take action + make changes

Finding a support person you really connect with can change your life in surprising new ways. I cannot wait to work with you!


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Fill out + submit the information below. I am happy to answer any questions, and to get back to you with scheduling options.

Both in person + virtual sessions are available.

Thanks for your inquiry. I will get back to you soon. xo

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