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Born + raised Saskatchewanian

Farm girl

Mother to K + spouse to T

Arabian horses are life

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I was once a master of putting on my happy face for everyone to see. I know you know what I’m talking about–so many of us are conditioned to be this way. On the outside, I really “had it together”. I was a social butterfly, I was fit, had a successful career, "settled down" and involved in everything in my community. But, if you really knew me then, you would have known that beneath the surface I was suffering.

It’s unbelievable what can happen to our mind and bodies when we don’t consciously make an effort to recognize what’s happening, accept it, and begin to restore our health through mental, spiritual and physical healing therapies. At the peak of my health deterioration, I was drowning in a sea of sickness in my mind and body. I was battling back and forth with an addiction to smoking and substantially abusing alcohol. It was very rare that I could go to bed without getting a buzz. Eventually, a lot of my decisions and behaviours lead to mental illnesses as well. Anxiety, depression, severe anger outbursts, psychological instability, an eating disorder, compulsive exercise, and even suicidal thoughts were incarcerating me. I honestly don’t know how I kept it together looking back at everything now. Not a single person–including my closest friends and family–had even the slightest clue about what was going on with me. That mask was strong and impenetrable. As time progressed and I kept on neglecting my wellness, my body decided to send me down to my rock bottom; forcing me to take charge of my health as I wasn't willing to listen to the whispers before they became screams. I can say now with full conviction that it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it lead me to my life as I know it now. 


Slowly but surely, my body began to fail. It started off minor with several skin irritations such as rashes and acne. I became overwhelmingly self-conscious and embarrassed to face the world. My self-worth, within a blink of an eye, plummeted. Eventually, this inflammation moved with more severity to swelling in my hands. My knuckles eventually become so big and swollen that the skin was cracking open because my skin had been stretched to it's max. Once the swelling began, it was like there was something new happening on a week to week basis and I couldn’t keep up with it. I began to lose my eye sight, my hair was falling out, I was fainting regularly and unpredictably, every week I had a new infection or virus, I couldn’t keep weight on if my life depended on it, high blood pressure, more swollen and aching joints. I was quite literally falling apart.


I had several doctors tell me that they suspected arthritis, Lupus, arthritis and Raynaud’s to be the culprit and to take x, y, and z to “manage the symptoms”. ​I was unable to accept patching myself up with prescriptions to mask my pain and discomforts–this approach wouldn't "heal" me. There’s a time and a place for pharmaceuticals and Western Medicine–and I’m so grateful we have it as it’s saved my life on at least two occasions–this just wasn’t my solution to these circumstances. I wanted to get to the "root" of what was going on, so I began to climb down the mountain off illness that I had unconsciously created. I began working with a life-saving Naturopath, Homeopath, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist and was exploring the healing arts of energetic therapy, aroma therapy, crystal therapy, meditation, life coaching and yoga. Through time and immersing myself in these healing therapies of the mind, body and soul, I slowly started to bring myself back down the hill of sickness due to chronic stress and inflammation. Along the way I took several courses to learn these therapies so that I could help others as well. After all, teaching, healing, and helping others is my passion. My dharma. 

Interestingly enough, my physical health didn't start to deeply heal and flourish until I started addressing my mental well-being. Healing my mind through coaching and somatic therapies was the "glue" to all of the other therapies that I was doing for my physical wellness. I have found so much healing, growth and relief by creating self-awareness, healing past experiences/traumas/social conditioning, understanding how the mind works/how to get it working for me rather than against me and by becoming my own biggest believer. I couldn't have done this without my trainings in the field of life coaching and my own personal experiences with coaching, healing and deep inner work. 

Personally, I have found more healing and growth through alternative approaches to the mind and body. My mind and soul have healed the most from coaching sessions rather than counselling/therapy. My body has healed the most through health coaches/naturopathic approach than working with General Practitioner/other westernised specialists. I think because the approach is tailored to "you" as a unique individual. And rather than approaching the symptoms, alternative mind/body practitioners look at healing the root as to why you have the symptoms that you do; which is directly linked to my approach in working with you. 

I have a very specific desire; to be the person that you need in your difficult times and "evolutionary phases" that feel hard to move through. When I was in my depths of feeling lost, not knowing where to start or how to turn my life around –I wish I had someone like that to turn to. I am so passionate about helping other people because I know so many of us are going through our own struggles. As a previous teacher, I’ve seen first-hand how many of our youth, young adults and adults are in the same boat as I once was. Different details to everyone’s stories, but still the same underlying issues. Honestly, whatever the story is, it all comes down to a struggle–a personal struggle that seems so daunting and insurmountable that we don’t even know where to begin in order to feel better or live the life we want to live.

I’ve found my struggles to be a catalyst for authentic and lasting healing and transformation. Just like the lotus flower, we have the ability to bloom out of the “mud” and “darkness” and radiate into the world. Without my “mud”, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My mess is in my message and I wouldn’t be able to relate to you and help you on your life journey had I not gone through my dark nights of the soul too. I’m so thankful for all of my life experiences. In a bizarre way I have found that life is happening for us not to us. I love helping my clients turn their "shortfalls" into their power and driving force behind living a miraculous life. All of the good and bad things that we endure play an intricate role in shaping us into our highest potential. Great people aren't formed from sunshine and rainbows–it is our trials and tribulations that transform us for the better if we harness them accordingly.


Now I'm 11 years into my healing journey and I no longer struggle with my health or mental illness on a day-to-day basis. The healing journey of our mind, body and soul is an ongoing process, but it feels incredible to not be constantly struggling. If you would have asked me 11 years ago where I saw my self, it definitely wouldn't be where I am now. I couldn’t be more happy with the relationship I have with my loving partner, Ty, our beautiful son, Kitt, my self-care practises, the ways I move my body to be healthy, the foods I eat, having the ability to emotionally regulate, finally feeling confident, etc. I am human and I definitely still have struggles and layers to my healing journey, but, what's different is I am able to move through them with calmness and ease by applying the lessons I've learned on this wild ride over the past 11 years. Even through tough times we can feel confident, peaceful, empowered and trust that we know how to navigate our lives/meet our needs in a healthy way.


All of the time and resources that I have put into myself have now come full circle into helping my clients as well. Through several truth seeking journeys, courses, certifications, and getting in touch with my true self– I’m proud to say that I’m both happy and healthy. It’s an amazing feeling to be content, joyous, well (mentally and physically), and loving living life. I’m so excited to share effective perspectives, life tools and strategies in order to help you come back to your authentic self. You are so much more than your struggles and you one thousand percent deserve to find solace, relief and empowerment in your healing as well. 

I look forward to guiding you beyond all of the uncomfortableness, hurt, reoccurring patterns, limiting beliefs, overthinking, etc. that you're going through. Together we can connect the dots, unravel the mess in your head, see how your past is potentially blocking you, find forgiveness, take responsibility, find emotional relief, help you to better understand yourself so you can meet yourself with more compassion and apply unique ways to effectively help yourself step into your desires. 

It's time to move past the struggle and remember who you really are. You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are EVERYTHING. Now, let's live like it!

Wishing you all of the happiness this life has to offer you and I hope to have this opportunity to work with you.



Morgan Wasylyk 

Founder of Seeker Wellness & Healing

Education / Certifications


Life Coach

Trauma Informed

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Practitioner

Subconscious / Somatic Healing

Natural Health + Healing Coach

Mindfulness Fundamentals Specialist

Meditation Facilitator

Restorative Yoga Instructor

Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor

Bio-Energetic Healing


Raynor Naturopathic Massage

Acupressure Practitioner

Vagal Nerve Toning/Nervous System Specialist

Transforming Trauma Certified

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