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Awareness: The Key to Happiness

We’re living in a complicated world. Often we find ourselves thinking we need certain things to change in our life in order to be happy or for people to be a certain way–truth is, it’s our awareness that is our saving grace. Our outside world is only a secondary. It’s our ability to put responsibility on ourselves that will evoke the shift we’re looking for.

When we choose to SEE or be AWARE about the way we think or how we focus our energy to certain thoughts is what determines our happiness, we have totally shifted our power from the hands of others back to ourselves. We have shifted from being a powerless victim of our circumstances and into an empowered and in control being.

Awareness is the difference between weathering a storm, or being in a cozy house beside the fire while the storm passes by.

Is it easy to do? Not necessarily. But, it is simple. It just takes time, patience and discipline.

Bring your inner dialogue back to yourself rather than blaming or feeling like a victim. The problem is in the blame of our circumstances and being the victim because the only person in charge of your happiness…is you!

We are not helpless. We are powerful beyond measure.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Start to recognize and shift your awareness from frustrated by your feelings to intrigued.

Engage in this inner dialogue instead: Why is it I feel this way? Isn’t it interesting that I feel this way around this situation or person? What is it about me that makes me triggered? Is there a part of myself that I don’t like that I see in this person or situation?

It’s never about the other person or circumstances. It’s ALWAYS about you. Your sensitivities, your disowned parts of yourself.

When you can have this awareness of choosing the way you look at things, it’s a total game changer! Awareness has the power to shift your focus. Awareness has the power to shift the way you think. Awareness has the power to shift the way you feel. Awareness has the power to help you live your best life.

On another important note:

Did you know that we actually get hooked on stressful experiences in our life? Dopamine, adrenaline and histamine are released when we are stressed, overwhelmed or feeling anxious to help counter act our increase in cortisol (released when we go into fight or flight mode and wreaks absolute havoc on our body). The release of these “happy hormones” can become an addictive cycle and a subconscious coping mechanism for dealing with our problems. WOW!

Become AWARE of your thoughts, they are yours and no one else’s. Become AWARE of if stress and anxiety are prevalent in your life and are subconscious coping mechanism to something much bigger. This awareness can be your ticket to freedom and happiness.

Stress and anxiety are often just the symptom to a deep rooted issue. Get to the root instead of treating the symptom. (more on this in the video)

I know this is all super vague in writing, but please, watch my video for a detailed explanation of the importance of AWARENESS and how we use stress and anxiety to cope.

Always here for you if you’d like to learn more about building your own awareness, rewiring your brain to have more positive thought patterns, understand what your programs, conditions, hurt, or trauma is and how it’s living out in your life now, and how to empower yourself.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. I love to help!

All my love and support,


Ps something really helpful you can do on your own to build your awareness is to have a regular meditation practice!

Additional reading material on AWARENESS:

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