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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

We all desire to be happy—truly happy. Living, breathing and feeling it from the inside out! . True H A P P I N E S S doesn’t come from other people in our lives, their actions or inactions, their words or gestures, or from things that we own. . Even if you had all of those things that you tell yourself, “I’ll be happy when...” or “I can be happy if...”

No, my dear.

You will find happiness when you find peace and joy within Y O U R S E L F. Otherwise, there’s a great chance that once you have those things you told yourself you needed to be happy, they STILL won’t be enough. THEN WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR HAPPINESS?! . YOU! It always has been YOU! . Your mindset. . Your authenticity & realness from moment to moment—good or bad. . Showing gratitude. . THAT’S • H A P P I N E S S • . Happiness is a state of mind. . A state of mind that we move from out of gratitude rather than personal gain or things we think we want/“need”. . In your lifetime of having the CHOICE to be happy or unhappy, I hope you choose happy. Your soul hopes so too


“There is no way to happiness. Happiness IS the way.”-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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