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We’re all healing. Some of our healing is conscious, some of it is not so much.

👧🏻Right from the time we’re wee little, we start to self-doubt, try to package ourselves up to be more loveable and digestible to other people. We fear doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, being judged, etc. From this state and certain events from our past, we create our programs. Our conditions. Our limiting beliefs. Our “stuff” or habits of our mind that make us feel: less than, not good enough, unhappy, stuck, discontent, worrisome, overwhelmed, unable to relax, indecisive, confused, stressed, out of control, and the list goes on. You name it, it’s an old part of you that likely needs healing.

Understanding why you think the way you think, and why you’re experiencing your life the way it is now is POWERFUL. Gaining a greater awareness of who you are and creating the foundation of love and acceptance is essential to our being happy, fulfilled and ability to go with the flow. The flow of life 🌱☀️

Happy healing, Seekers! Always here to support you on this journey 🥰

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