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Kid Series Part 3: Teaching Your Kids About Money

💰 Now this can feel like a tricky one, but it’s important we do start conversations about money at a young age. After all, it’s something that is a part of our everyday life.

Some things to consider (see video for more explanation):

💰Reflect on your “money story” and choose how you want your family to talk about money and how you spend it.

💵 Could you replace “we’re too broke” or “we can afford it” with a more positive M O N E Y S T O R Y?

💰Money comes and goes, sometimes as adults we overthink it and it directly affects our self-worth. Fact: less or more money doesn’t need to dictate your worthiness. (Not saying having goals for more abundance is a bad thing though; it’s a great thing!)

💵Discuss with your kids on a regular basis: where your money is coming from (work, salary, clients, etc.) and the different things you have to pay for that they might not have thought of (power, food, TV, etc.).

💰Let then be a part of your daily transactions (bills, grocery store, gas, etc.)

💵BEST FOR LAST: 3 Buckets: 1. Spend 2. Save 3. Give (more info in video—totally going to do this idea)

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