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LETTING GO of Anxiety, Stress & Overthinking terms of our mental health, it's something that will keep us stuck in a cycle. A cycle of stress, anxiety and/or even depression.

Constantly obsessing over the things we can't control, reliving our past or wishing things to be different than what they actually are is what so many of us are going through day in and day out.

Well, I say...STOP IT. Stop it right now!

(Please watch this video. It's funny, and still has some merit to it when it comes to worrying/overthinking! Of course, it's not that simple or easy, but it's a lighthearted reminder for us to bring back the power to ourselves.)

Having an anxiety condition or other mental health conditions can be complex and there can be a lot that contribute to releasing the struggle within. But, the more we complicate it, the harder the path to healing and letting go will be. That complication can steer us down a path which can take away our power and add to feeling like we can't ever let our struggles go. This journey to mending is one meant to help heal, rather than keep a person in a state of suffering.

I truly feel for you and empathize with your pain. Mental health conditions can be debilitating and much more difficult than just “stopping it”. After we can accept our experiences for exactly as they are, it is a part of our journey to connect with our inner strength. Of course, there will be moments of weakness – honour them and we’re you’re ready come back to self-love and discipline. We don't have to suffer through our experiences. Mindset and the way we choose to think, along with the actions we choose to take, can either feed our problem or heal it. Where you choose to begin is up to you–no right, no wrong.

These suggestions can be taken into consideration and brought into one’s live after setting a foundation of self-love, honour and surrendering to our thoughts, feelings and experiences exactly as they are. Anxiety and/or depression are not little things, and it's important to honour the space that we’re in-even if we don’t like it. If we’re at the stage of not ready to take the next steps to empowerment, that is more than okay! Honour the journey as it is, at some point you'll know when to engage in empowerment. Finding your power within you will happen when it’s meant to.

If this post resonates with you and you are ready to empower yourself, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

Supplementary support: “Healelujah: Healing & Restoring Your Happiness” & “Love & Honour: The Foundation of Living Your Best Life”. Both articles/videos are on my FB page and Articles section of my website.


We do have the power to let go of what's not serving us. It's not complicated. It's simple, but simple doesn't mean easy.

How often are we waiting for the saving grace? The miracle mechanism to get us past our struggles?

I invite you to shift your focus back to yourself. The answer is in fact within you. What if you were the only person you needed to do this?

Your awareness of the situation is what matters. "As you think so shall you become."-Bruce Lee.

Don't over complicate your life. Don't over complicate how to free yourself from stress, anxiety or overthinking.

Begin to practice meditation so you can choose where you're investing your thoughts. Focus on ones that either serve you, not sabotage you. Add fuel to your fire, not piss on it. If your mind is constantly worried or anxious, you NEED to rewire your thought patterns. If you want a calm mind, you have to TRAIN yourself to have a calm mind. That training is simply meditation. Find a way to meditate or get in a meditative state that works for you. Whether that's meditation itself, yoga, painting, hiking, etc. Find that thing to bring calm and ease into your life.

Start taking action to alleviate the things you're worrying about. Action eliminates fear.

Start investing your time on self-care, creative outlets, and exercise you enjoy to keep you in the present moment.

If you're really obsessing or worrying, write down a "control plan" (see video) and focus on what you CAN control opposed to what you can't.

Disconnect from social media and connect to your magnificent life.

Bottom line, don't believe all of your thoughts. Remember that. Write it down and start living by it! As you do, you will begin your journey to healing your obsessive thinking, worries and anxiety.

Awareness and seeing the way you think is truly your saving grace. As you can identify that it's not the circumstances of your life that needs to change, but rather how you think...YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.


See it. Believe it. Be it!

All my love and support,


Ps reach out if you need some support! Like I always say, investing in yourself is always worth it.

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