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Stepping Into YOU: Growing / Making Changes

If things / life feels messy - you need to know that is OK!!

You're not failing. You're not messing up.

You're changing.


Finding your path to being your best you.

Finding your way to peace and happiness.

Sometimes things need to completely fall a part before we can get into the amazing / juicy wonders of life.

If you want something better for yourself - just having that awareness itself is all it takes! It's without a doubt the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step to your best you.

If anything in your life feels like it's holding you back, bringing you down, keeping you stuck, or whatever you're going through that you would like to see shift - IT CAN!

If something is negatively persisting in your life, it's something that definitely needs healing. It keeps rearing it's ugly head in hopes that you'll learn you lesson or mend the wound. "That in which we resist will always persist."

If making changes is too scary right now - that's OK. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Again, just the fact that you're aware something needs to give is a gift and that can help SO much!

Have a Conversation with Yourself / Get Very Clear on Your Vision:

- What would I like like to see shift in my life?

-What feelings do I wish to have on a day-to-day basis?

-How can I move through these difficult feelings?

-Without any limitations, what do I see for myself?

These questions help you to get clear on what exactly it is you want. When you know, then you can start doing the work.


1. Choices: A Set-Up for Success!

If you want to make some changes, you can start through the choices you're making. Ask yourself:

Would doing this:

Tire or inspire me?

Serve or sabotage me?

Does this choice feel restrictive or expansive?

Framing your way of thinking to the above questions will ALWAYS take out the complicated if, ands or buts that our mind conjures up and will help you step back into truth. Back into you. Back to your VISION!

2. Guidance:

Find someone to help you help you understand:

-Where your limiting beliefs come from.

-What stories of your past are playing out in your "now".

-Shed what is not serving you.

-How / what tools to use when you find yourself slipping into old ways.

-What it is you want / how to get there.

Other self-help tools for personal guidance:





-Emotional Freedom Technique


Happy Seeking Everyone!


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