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Swap Judgement for Kindness (for your own good!)

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

With the second week of school being underway, it’s a great time to check in with yourself & your children. 📚 🚶🏼‍

What am I judging as right or wrong? 🤔

What am I beating myself or others up about?

What do I wish was different? 😖

It can be an addictive habit to judge our self and others. Looking for gratification through others compliments and approval and wanting to be better than other people will only keep you stuck. Stuck in a cycle of judgment and searching to be better through external circumstances.

No one is better than anyone—we are humans experiencing life as well we know it to be. Operating at the highest level we know at this moment.

Rather than being caught of cycles of gossip, blame, comparing, and judging—I invite you to flip your perspective to thoughts that will actually serve you, bring you joy and growth. 🌳

⭐️ There is NOTHING wrong with me.

⭐️ I don’t need to change or fix anything about me. Being authentic and genuine makes me, ME—even my downs.

⭐️Feeling good comes from ME, not the actions or words of other people. What could I do that I would enjoy and feel lighthearted doing?

⭐️Imagine someone you love with all of your heart. How can I turn that same love back to myself?

⭐️ What are the blessings/lessons of this current situation that feels negative?

⭐️ How can I show kindness to myself and others? After all, there is ALWAYS a kind solution to every problem.

Tune into yourself dear ones,


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