Check-out what others have to say about their time spent with Morgan

"Can't say enough good about my session with you, Morgan! Thank-you a million times over! To anyone wanting to check out what it is Morgan offers, maybe on the fence or humming and hawing about pulling the trigger on contacting her, do it! It's so worth it and what she has to offer and how she helps and guides is unlike anything else! Coming from a girl who's gone through counselling and psychiatrist's galore..seriously awesome! "


“I am so thankful that you could help our daughter work through some emotional support and give her tools to use as she grows up into a preteen/teen. She loved going and talking with you and I am so grateful that you are there for her as a role model.
She was able to go into her school year with more confidence than ever before.”


“My time with Morgan has been the most rewarding self care I have ever had. With Morgan I feel safe, listened to and understood. She has given me tools to deal with things that seemed to great to get past. I love the feeling that I am sitting and visiting with a wise old friend that understands and lives motherhood, spousal relationships and being a woman in general.”


“Morgan is like a breath of fresh air. The moment you are in the presence you are instantly uplifted by her positive vibes. 

My daughter began seeing Morgan to help her deal with emotional issues she was having. She taught her its OK to have theses emotions and gave her the tools she needed to work through them. 

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a huge improvement to the way my daughter handles emotional situations and her overall happiness. 
I cannot thank Morgan enough for what she has done for us. She is an amazing role model and mentor for children and adults alike.  I look forward to the enrichment that Morgan will continue bring to our lives!”


"Nothing but love for Morgan! Best described as a true gem! Do yourself a favour and check out the incredible services she has to offer. My life is forever incredible due to crossing your path Morgan! I thank you for all you are and all you represent! You’re one in what...3 trillion! Morgan you’re truly gifted, probably THE most supportive person I’ve ever met. So insightful & a skill set like no other in your field. Keep shining your light beautiful woman! I surely can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and helped K and I with. We’ll forever be in your debt! THANK YOU for everything!"


"I don’t usually speak up too much in a group setting but I loved that it was just small and intimate. Even though we all had different backgrounds and reasons for being there, when you get to the root of it, a lot of the issues were pretty similar and it was nice to know that you’re not alone in your struggle.

I love yoga and I know how important breath work is so I think it’s amazing that you incorporated it in, especially for people who have maybe never done yoga before. I’ve never tried tapping so that was really interesting to learn...and it WORKS!! It feels great to have all these new tools under my belt! I feel like I gained so much through that and the workbooks alone.. and I haven’t even finished them yet! I’m looking forward to digging in deeper..."

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and so grateful to have someone so gentle and understanding to help me along the way.


Thank you so much Morgan, for creating such a safe and inviting space! I’ll be watching for more opportunities to join your workshops!"


"I had the privilege of attending a women's  support circle which featured Morgan as a guest speaker. I found her presentation so interesting, engaging, and informative. Not only is she great at giving advice , but she is a great listener. I am looking forward to attending many more of Morgan's events because I felt so uplifted and inspired after her presentation!"


“Thank you Morgan for sharing your wisdom and warmth as you guided us through relaxing methods to destress and reenergize our body and souls during our afternoon workshop.  Upon leaving we felt relaxed, balanced and equipped to deal with the new week.  We also appreciate the handbook that continues to support and guide us.  Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Thanks again Morgan.”


"Morgan has done wonders for me and my family.

I was at all all time emotional and physical low.
I committed to working with Morgan regularly & she saw my 6 year old son.

Morgan helped me discover the truth underneath what I was feeling and guided me through uncovering it fully and seeing it for what it was. She helped remind me that I am not those stories in my head; I am whole and there is nothing to "fix". She catapulted me into  a journey of discovering self love and worthiness. She also referred me to another lady and I am sure between the 2 of them, they saved my life.

I'm so grateful that we have so much amazing support in the south east corner of Sask. Morgan is always there when my son or I need guidance."


"Morgan recently did an EFT Session for our organization and our audience was blown away with her knowledge and passion for tapping. Her gentle demeanour made the session extremely powerful and calming. Our audience was in need (and many will continue to be in need) of solutions to reduce anxiety, anger, stress and many other challenging emotions. Morgan provided incredible guidance throughout the session, allowing the audience to experience the intensity of tapping and also take note of ways that they could utilize tapping in their own lives. Morgan was clear and concise in her teachings and was able to teach a large audience flawlessly. Morgan’s desire to help others, passion for tapping and passion for life make her an amazing asset to anyone looking to live their best life!"


"Hands down the best support I've ever had. 

Morgan's intuitive nature, extensive training and ability to help walk you through your own healing process is something that absolutely anyone can benefit from.

Her coaching style is the refreshing approach our mental health community needs."


"When I first started going to Morgan, I was terrified. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep the conversation ‘flowing’ or I’d be scared to share things worrying about ‘small town judgement.’

Right from the first session Morgan made me feel comfortable and most importantly, heard. Morgan has been supportive, caring and very professional through every single session I’ve had. The conversation flows every time with absolute ease, and I feel like she customizes the focus of the session to what my needs are in that moment. I didn’t even realize I had so many aspects of my childhood affecting my adult life, and I’m thankful everyday Morgan brought those to light and is helping me navigate my emotions and feelings."


"If I could describe my massage experiences with Morgan in a word, it would be unique.
It sounds cliche but the experience with Morgan is truly one of a kind, and has admittedly become my FAVOURITE form of self care.

Morgan is thoughtful and intentional with how she approaches each massage, and I have experienced not only the physical benefits, but also the emotional/mental benefits as she has shown me how and where my body can hold stress, trauma and emotions in a way I never understood before.

I have experienced moments of intensity during a massage, but never pain beyond what I can bear. And the pain felt, is nothing compared to the healing and relief that follows.

If you are looking to relax on the table for an hour and nap while being massaged, I would suggest looking elsewhere.
If you’re looking to start some healing, to walk away renewed, and to have someone work on you that truly and genuinely cares about your well-being, a Massage with Morgan is for you!"


"Over the years I’ve seen several different mental health practitioners, all were somewhat helpful but none quite like Morgan. 

The best way I can find to describe a 1:1 session with Morgan is she offers a safe space to share your story, guides you with her expertise and training and somehow is able to pull just a little bit of your soul out in the process. I have never felt more comfortable with a practitioner.  She combines so many different modalities in her sessions and provides you with the tools to “do the healing work” in between sessions. 

I truly owe Morgan the world, she has helped me overcome not only immediate triggers and anxiety but also helped me unlearn so many negative patterns.  Healing is an ongoing process but I honestly can say I’m so proud of the woman I’ve become with Morgan’s guidance.  I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I booked in with Morgan at one of my lowest lows since my teenage years, I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. Within minutes of talking with her I had already felt relief, she made me feel heard, seen, and valid. One of the first things that stuck out to me about Morgan was her attention to detail, she has given me different perspectives on my struggles, and maintains a comforting level of eye contact.

As someone who has taken many hours of counselling over the years my experience with Morgan was completely different. With my first session I was taught a coping skill to help deal with my self doubt, and my childhood traumas + so much more. I have never felt relief walking out of any kind of therapy like I feel leaving Morgan. She is TRULY listening and understanding me.

Morgan is worth it, and I am worth it. I am excited when the days roll around and I get to go back for more coaching. Out of 10 stars, I give this woman 11."


"If I had to give my experience one word it would be life changing. As nervous and unsure as I was before starting, I decided to embrace the process with an open mind and from the minute we started I never felt like I was unable to open up and Morgan because she creates such a warm and inviting space and presence that offers a sense of safety.


This is the first time I’ve been able to open up about things and not only have someone listen, but to have someone to offer the tools and guidance to make a difference. The tools and guidance are things that grounding and that encompass holistic health and well-being. I really am beyond thankful for everything she has given me and for everything she does."


"Morgan is the kind of person everyone deserves to have in their corner. She is so genuine and has created a safe space with zero judgement. I was hesitant to book in with her as I haven’t had a great experience with “therapy” in the past, but I can’t explain the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders since starting this journey with Morgan. I am so grateful for everything she’s helped me through so far!

No matter how long ago, or how small your problems feel I highly recommend talking them through with Morgan. She is truly amazing!"


"Over the years I have sought help from therapists (several) and I have been prescribed & taken different antidepressants. I never seemed to feel any better; everything just continued to get darker and darker for me. And then, I met with Morgan.
I was no longer sitting across from someone who was sugar coating everything and telling me what they thought I needed to hear. I was no longer walking out of an office with another prescription in my hand.
Morgan made me accountable for myself and dug to the root of the problem, helping me see I needed to heal from the inside out. Morgan gave me the tools and resources to help myself. It was a gut punch I needed to get me on my journey to healing.
Morgan is the light in my darkest days. I am forever grateful for her support."


"Over the past years I have always thought about talking to someone but I could never get the courage to go. The past year on Facebook I have followed Morgan and seen such great reviews so one day I knew I had to meet her!  Since that day, she has made such a difference in my daily life.  She understood what I was feeling and guided me in the right direction on how to understand my thoughts and feelings. This journey has not been easy but I was ready for the change and I don’t ever want to stop going to her. If you have been hesitant about going, don’t be! Just book an appointment and you will be amazed!"


"I have been seeing Morgan for about 7 months. I’m in my early teens and was struggling with a lot. I was so nervous and quite anxious before our first session but as soon as we began, Morgan put me at ease. I feel like I can talk to her about anything because she never judges. She always has the best advice and helps me put things into perspective. She even encourages me to reach out to her in between sessions if I need to. I count down the days until our next session. She is truly a gift!"


"Being a young man in today's world, dealing and talking about certain things can be difficult. Morgan made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She always was willing to be speak on any topics that were on my mind giving great advice as well as being an awesome listener. The tips and tricks that Morgan has taught me have begun to allow me to regain my self-confidence and lower my anxiety. 10/10 would recommend."


"Working with Morgan has been life changing in ways I did not expect. I reached out to her after following her on social media for a few years. I always had an excuse for not reaching out sooner, but knowing what I know now, I wasn’t ready for the level of healing she would support. 

That’s the thing with Morgan, you have to be ready to go deep, to face your past and to accept the role you play in your own healing. 


She helped me understand where my emotional triggers originated and how to acknowledge and overcome. She helped me understand that it’s okay to feel negative feelings and that it is part of being human. There is no need to disassociate from the bad. 


I have spent years in counselling with various people and I often walked away with helpful tools, but never felt I “healed” any hurts. With Morgan, I feel I’ve healed hurts I didn’t know existed. I know there will continue to be ups and downs in life, but feel 1000% more confident facing the downs. "


Working with Morgan is like coming up for fresh air. I have had years of counselling, been on medication for 3+ years and while these things helped a little, I still felt very stuck. It was so disheartening because I was doing everything I could think of to feel better, to be happy, to move on...but it just wasn’t happening.


Then I met Morgan. She delved into the root of my “problems”, we discussed parts of my life no one had ever touched before, the parts that really needed to be aired out. She was also the very first professional to VALIDATE my feelings, which honestly meant the world to me. She is so compassionate, understanding and EMPOWERING! She has taught me so much but my favourite thing has been radical responsibility for myself. She has also helped to build my confidence and trust in myself to a level I never thought possible.


I have been going to her regularly for roughly 6 sessions and I feel like I’ve grown and healed more in this time than I had the entire 2 years before. Morgan is something really special; she was built to do this work. I am happier and feel more like myself than I have in a decade. I couldn’t be more grateful.