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Check-out what others have to say about their time spent with Morgan

I started working with Morgan after experiencing one of the lowest points of my life. I went into my first session with Morgan feeling defeated.
However, Morgan created such a safe and welcoming environment that I instantly felt at ease.
She does so well at supporting, uplifting, and holding you accountable. After months of work with her, I can confidently say that Morgan is the reason I have my health and my life back.
For anyone considering working with Morgan, I cannot recommend her enough. The work she does is so unique and valuable. M.
 I have found a version of myself I haven’t seen in decades, and honestly didn’t think I’d ever see again.
Morgan had a wealth of resources to help me find myself again.
There isn’t a “one size fits all” motto with her. Morgan challenged me (in good ways of course!) and made me feel safe and seen. I can’t say enough good things about Morgan and would recommend her to anyone! K.
I have been going to her regularly for roughly 6 sessions and I feel like I’ve grown and healed more in this time than I had the entire 2 years before. Morgan is something really special; she was built to do this work.
I am happier and feel more like myself than I have in a decade. I couldn’t be more grateful. J.
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"I often thought about seeking mental health support usually coming to the conclusion "I'm fine, I don't really need to".  I finally reached out to Morgan after recognizing that stress and anxiety was truly impacting the quality of my life. I can confidently say I wish I would have reached out to her sooner! 
Morgan's guidance, active listening, and thoughtful conversations have helped me gain an awareness of my feelings, regulation, and the importance of self-worth. With Morgan's advice and support, I have become more conscious of my emotions and responses. Morgan has (and continues) to provide me with the perfect amount of comfort, encouragement and confidence to take small steps towards breaking the coping cycles that no longer serve me. I truly look forward to every appointment with Morgan.
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