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seeker CANDLES

hand poured  ● 100% soy wax ●

wood wick ● essential oils ● herbs ● crystals

burn time: 30+ hours

$25 / 250mL


UPLIFT (Peppermint ● Balsam): invigorating, earthy, piney and fresh! Let this crackling wonder bring balance to your mood.



SEA BREEZE (Lavender ● Lime ● Spearmint): stress a little less with this herbaceous, citrusy and bright blend.



A CN WINTER (Eucalyptus ● Cedarwood): immerse yourself in a Canadian winter wonderland with this fresh, menthol, woodsy and warm blend. This candle will leave you feeling grounded, relieved and clear.



UNDER THE STARS (Lavender ● Cedarwood): let go and say night night with the soothing comfort of lavender and cedarwood. Notes of sweet, floral and woodsy.



FRESH LINEN (Cedarwood ● Orange ● Tea Tree): just like clean sheets drying on the line! This balsamic, purifying, and slightly citrusy candle will have you reminiscing of a Saskie spring day.



SWEET CITRUS (Lemongrass ● Bergamot): put a little pep in your step with this refreshing, mood boosting, and citrusy natural candle. It might even take you back to your eating Fruit Loops days!  



If you've tried all of the suggestions, but nothing seems to do the trick, please don't hesitate to contact me for more help or get a refund and / or new seeker Candle

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