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I Told You So. Sincerely, Your Intuition

Updated: Apr 17

I get asked this all of the time:

"How do you know if what you're thinking or feeling is intuition vs. just wishful thinking or your ego?"

For many, intuition feels like a far-out, spiritual mumbo-jumbo or an illusive thing that only "certain people" have. But, if we have an ego, that part of us that is our protector/holds our limiting beliefs/keeps us playing safe and often small/tells all sorts of stories/etc., then we must have a higher self. This is our consciousness. Our intuition.

Mind you, I don't know if there's a more real science than the quiet and patient observations of your life, but that's a story for another time, boys and girls.

I digressed, back to the science behind intuition.

Did you know that for years science has been studying intuition through electro-physiology?

In one study, the scientists connected devices to track the reaction of their candidates brain and heart when showing a picture. When a picture of something sweet like a bunny, sunny day, baby, etc. would show up the electro-recorded response would show a calm experience in the brain and heart. When a picture of something concerning like a knife, snake, Hitler, blood, etc. appeared the graphs would mirror the reaction from the candidates heart and brain to be having a less wanted reaction. A feeling of concern or fear, if you will.

BUT, some interesting things began to transpire. Just micro-seconds before the next picture was going to appear the heart would a have a reaction before even seeing the picture. And this reaction would always be in alignment with the emotional/mental reaction of the very picture they were going to be shown. Then, when the picture came through the brain would respond right at that precise moment.

What does this mean...


HOLY SHIT! What a freaking game-changer!!!

We all hold the ability to "know" before we really "know". One of the best ways that we can deepen our intuitive connection is to obviously practise it. In our day to day life we can find those small little nudges, and choose to see how it pains out.

For example, we have a random thought of a friend we haven't seen in a long time, we think of a song that we love, we have a feeling that something is going to get cancelled, etc.

Begin to observe if your "nudges" are right. Maybe the friend texts you, or the song comes on the radio or the even get's cancelled. There's your evidence that what you thought was indeed your intuition.

The more we try to observe and participate in intuition, the more our intuition grows.

I would like to close with a great teacher, Caroline Myss. Her work on intuition and spirituality is revolutionary. And I know this message will serve you far more than anything I could write for you today.

All my love, intuitive beings!



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