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Problems are a SIGN of...

Updated: Apr 17


Your problems are a sign of LIFE!

I'm keeping this month's message short and saaaaweet because, Summer!

Circumstances are not the greatest predictor of happiness. I repeat: your happiness is not determined by your outer world.

Cheers to all you warriors and self-healers out there doing the inner work + taking responsibility for your reality. I know full well it isn't easy, but it's a heck of a lot easier than waiting for x, y or z to "make you happy". We choose our "hards", don't we?

Ironically, there's an interesting byproduct to tending to your inner-world. In time, you will come to materialize and cultivate what you have envisioned for's magic. I consider myself lucky to see it every day in helping others! Changing our lives from the inside-out generates so much empowerment, momentum, passion, purpose, fulfillment and peace that we're all so often looking for.

ALWAYS seek within, Seekers.



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